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DNS Guardian

Adaptive DNS Security To Ensure Service Continuity and Data Protection

Protect Data and Ensure DNS Services Continuity

Secure DNS Services Require A Purpose-Built Security Solution

The nature of DNS threats is quickly evolving and DNS attacks have become highly sophisticated based on distributed, multi-vector and multi-stage assault modes. Signature-based security solutions such as firewall, anti-DoS or IPS are not adapted to efficiently ensure DNS services availability and integrity. They have proved to be insufficient, even against some basic attacks, and even worse, present a high risk of blocking legitimate clients (false positives). Restricted capacity for DNS traffic analysis and basic blocking-based countermeasure imply serious security limitations and risks: Business downtime, customer data or intellectual property theft, damaged reputations and embezzlement of money.

A modern DNS security system must be agile enough to adapt its protection mechanisms to mitigate the risk of false positives, while ensuring DNS service integrity and continuity to legitimate clients.