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You are worried about how data is being manipulated in your company, especially highly confidential data. How is it being used internally? Is it secure? What happens if by accident or on purpose, data leaks from your firm?

Many of our customers are scared about this, and it's true. Your confidential data must be secure. Who has not heard about Wikileaks? or Snowden? And other nightmare scenarios?

During the implementation of a DLP Project, a single type of approach does not work, we need to implement several layers of solutions. First of all, we need to ask ourselves where is our data? Maybe it's impossible to answer that question correctly. And that is because in today’s modern environment, we have our data distributed and present in several places like laptops, smartphones, cloud providers, etc...

In our opinion, the first layer of protection, SHOULD be encryption of that information. Why? Simple - if we have encrypted that information, it’s not accessible easily and we really do not need to care where it is, as it is encrypted and only our employees can access it. So let’s encrypt, laptops, USB drives and sticks, smartphones, clouds, and even our NAS (Network Attached Storage).

BUT, to be 100 % sure of the effectiveness of our approach, we recommend having a DLP monitoring service on our Network perimeter, on our computers and of course on our mail server.

Sounds complicated? Call us to help you out and help you protect the confidentiality of your data.