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Flow Replicator – UDP Forwarder

The Flow Replicator™ is a UDP forwarder or UDP fanout used to transparently duplicate UDP datagrams to multiple destinations. It simplifies, adds, moves, and changes when an additional SIEM or NetFlow collector is introduced into security log management. Also, some routers, servers, and other systems can only send messages to a single log management system. The Flow Replicator overcomes this shortcoming.

Features of the Flow Replicator™ include:

  • Makes it much harder for hackers to delete logs in an effort to cover their tracks
  • Ability to configure multiple IP addresses on different interfaces
  • Receive packets from multiple devices and forward all as a single IP address
  • Intuitive CLI and web interfaces
  • RESTful API
  • Deterministic Packet Forwarding (DSP) only sends packets to management stations that are up and operational
  • Reduces load for routers and switches as well as lowering data traffic volumes
  • Enables management station redundancy by sending a single stream to multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Ability to report replication statistics to an IPFIX-enabled collector
  • Fault tolerant deployment options