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Teramind Starter

Teramind Starter

Screen Recording & live view, website and apps tracking.

The most affordable, employee monitoring solution for startups and small businesses with powerful features such as real-time activity tracking, video capture and playback, and a set of productivity optimization tools.

Teramind Starter: Employee Monitoring Simplified

Organizations looking to protect their intellectual property and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, and looking to optimize processes and maximize employee productivity, are looking to implement employee monitoring (aka user activity monitoring) software that allows for user session recording and analysis. Employee monitoring can ensure business continuity by identifying process gaps such as unproductive employee activity, inefficient applications, wasted labour hours, project cost and more. If used properly, employee monitoring can even increasing employee engagement resulting in increased business profitability. Here are some benefits to using employee monitoring software:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Identify process gaps
  • Detect insider threats
  • Protect sensitive data and resources
  • Minimize waste and reduce cost
  • Improve time management
  • Improve employee and organizational safety
  • Establish a culture of fairness and transparency

Teramind Starter: Employee Monitoring Software with Powerful Insider Threat Detection and Productivity Analysis Features

Teramind Starter is Teramind’s entry-level employee monitoring solution. It’s built on top of Teramind’s award-winning UAM and DLP platform and includes powerful features such as real-time activity tracking, video capture and playback, and a set of productivity optimization tools. While it packs a punch in terms of functionality, it’s designed to be super affordable for the budget sensitive startups and small businesses looking for entry level employee monitoring, user session recording and process optimization capabilities.

Teramind Starter Features:

Real-Time Employee Monitoring

Teramind Starter lets you monitor all employee activity for system objects like website, applications, social media, IMs. Searches etc. in real-time for Windows, Mac, Virtual PCs and Terminal Servers.

Activity Reports

Detailed logs capture all web/app activity, duration, IP/URL. Filter the report for individuals, groups or department by productive/unproductive or custom categories. Real-time alerts and trend reports show what rules were broken, when, by whom, what action was taken and the context.

Intelligent Policy and Rules Engine

Intelligent behavior analysis can detect abusive behavior and insider threats like employees visiting restricted websites or acting suspicious with a monitored app. Create automated rules to warn or block the employee or notify supervisor when the system detects any anomaly.

Audit and Forensics

Video recording of employee activity, session recording, immutable logs, alerts are just few examples of Teramind’s powerful audit and forensic capabilities. Together they provide a vast collection of investigation data to locate the source and insider threat with pinpoint accuracy.

Built-In Productivity Tools

Define which apps and websites you consider productive and get in-depth reports on how your employees spend their day. Identify the laggards or high performers with active vs. idle time analysis. Establish a continuous feedback loop to refine and adjust your organizational workflow through tracking of schedules, projects and employee engagement rate for overall productivity boost.

Privileged User Monitoring

Monitor privileged and remote employees who have access to your critical systems to prevent sabotage or data theft. For example, stop creation of backdoor account, registry edit or attempt to elevate system access by IT admins.

Employee Privacy

Monitoring for individual objects like Screen, Search, IM can be turned off as needed. Furthermore, monitoring settings can be configured to capture the data you need while respecting employee privacy. For example, automatically suspend monitoring when an employee visits certain websites/apps (i.e. personal email).