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Network Security & Visibility

Network Security & Visibility

Isn't frustrating to have no idea why suddenly your network becomes too slow, and management needs an explication for this?

Well, today, we have infinitely more devices connected to our network and it's almost impossible to know what all these devices are actually doing, whilst connected, so let's start knowing by knowing who is who - but how do we manage this? We probably need an IPAM (IP Address Manager), because any device connected to our network needs an IP address and if we know who the IPAM is assigning an IP to, we can know who or what it is (might be a printer or a cell phone, for example).

In the other words let´s understand exactly who each device connected to our network belongs to, if it is a legitimately approved device and what it is doing whilst connected to our network…

And finally, why not seeing what or who is the root of causing this slownes?

Sounds tough, isn`t it? Call us to know how you can implement the appropriate solution and solve this headache for network Admins…