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ObserveIT is a lightweight endpoint solution that empowers organizations to precisely identify and proactively protect against malicious and negligent behavior of everyday users, privileged users and remote vendors. We significantly reduce security incidents by changing user behavior through real-time education and deterrence coupled with full-screen video capture of security policy violations. This cuts investigation time from days sifting through logs to minutes of playing back video. ObserveIT is trusted by over 1,400 customers in 87 countries across all verticals.


ObserveIT is the global leader in Insider Threat Management.

  • Detect Threats in Real-Time

Your biggest asset is also your biggest risk. ObserveIT helps security teams rapidly detect potential insider threats, using user activity, monitoring data captured on UNIX/Linux, Windows, and Mac endpoints for both employees and third-party contractors.

Detect Anomalous Behavior

Your people are your greatest strength, but they can also be your greatest weakness. How can you stop a potential insider threat in their tracks?

User Activity Monitoring

Your employees need access to critical files, data, and systems to do what they do best – their jobs. With ObserveIT’s user session monitoring tools, you can be alerted to any potential breach of policy, and have a complete record of what transpired, how, when, and by whom.

Third-Party Activity Monitoring

Third-party contractors and vendors often need to access your organizational files, data, and systems to help you get things done, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice data security. ObserveIT delivers complete visibility into third-party activity, so you can rest easier.

  • Power Incident Investigations

When a potential insider threat incident is detected, you need answers – fast. ObserveIT is the tool cybersecurity teams turn to first for insider threat investigations, with comprehensive, easy-to-read user activity data delivered in one place.

Get the Whole Picture

ObserveIT delivers a 360-degree view into your insider user activity

Insider threat incidents don’t just happen – they’re caused by user negligence or malicious intent. But how can you determine the difference? ObserveIT presents user activity data in a clear, easy-to-understand format for rapid insider threat investigations.

Activity Timeline

Hone in on the details through rich, user-centric metadata pulled from user sessions to provide full context for every user action.

Video Session Recordings

Deep dive to determine exactly what happened, when, where, and why, with session video of user activity.

What types of data are visible?

  • Application and Process Names
  • File and Folder Access
  • Titles of Opened Windows
  • URLs Accessed via Browsers
  • Key Logging
  • List of Commands and Scripts Run
  • File Copies, Print-Jobs, USB Insertions
  • and a Whole Bunch More…
  • Proactively Respond to User Activity

Detecting a potential insider threat is one thing, but how can you prevent an incident? ObserveIT empowers teams to block out-of-policy activity (including forced logouts), and provide interactive prompts and policy reminders to coach users in cybersecurity best-practices.

Block Out-of-Policy User Activity

More often than not, your users have the keys to the kingdom. They can access vital files, data, and systems in order to perform their day-to-day tasks. But what about the tools they shouldn’t be able to access or use?

ObserveIT empowers security teams to select particular applications, tools, and websites as being “off-limits,” effectively blocking access based on cybersecurity policy.

Improve Cybersecurity Awareness

64% of all insider threat incidents are caused by negligent users*, not users with malicious intent. If you could approach those insiders and coach them in cybersecurity best practices with real-time prompts, would you?

ObserveIT makes proactive coaching possible, with optional policy reminders and warning prompts for improving insider cybersecurity awareness.

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