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Network Access Control. Simplified.

Plixer delivers a network traffic analytics system used for active monitoring, visualization, and reporting of network and security incidents. The system quickly delivers the forensic data needed to support fast and efficient incident response. Thousands of organizations rely on Plixer solutions to keep their IT infrastructure running efficiently.

Behavior Monitoring

Today’s sophisticated attacks often evade perimeter security tools, like firewalls and IPS. Behavior monitoring and traffic pattern analysis are the best way to identify security breaches. Security algorithms, run against NetFlow and metadata telemetry, identify security compromises by detecting deviations from normal patterns.

Voice & Video

Latency-sensitive applications like voice and video require traffic monitoring that goes beyond traditional usage metrics. Excessive jitter or packet loss wreaks havoc with the user experience, but root-cause analysis via traditional means can be difficult. Flow-based monitoring is needed to quickly identify and resolve the problem.

Cloud Service Monitoring

As the adoption of cloud-based applications and services grows, the ability to understand the source of poor user experience and security issues becomes more difficult. Organizations must now see beyond their own LAN and WAN into the cloud. Scrutinizer integrates with AWS logs to correlate on-premise with cloud visibility.

BYOD Monitoring

As BYOD continues to proliferate and the number of mobile applications rapidly grow, organizations are facing a threat surface that is nearly impossible to manage. Instead of agent-based BYOD solutions that are administratively burdensome, Scrutinizer reduces risk by monitoring the network traffic generated by BYOD devices.


Virtualized data centers have vastly improved business agility and reduced cost, but traditional monitoring systems can’t easily see into virtual environments. Scrutinizer provides borderless insight across the physical and virtual systems by using the flow technologies supported by many industry hypervisors.


Organizations falling under regulatory compliance are expected to protect and ensure data integrity, and are measured by auditors on their ability to do so. Scrutinizer allows companies to provide demonstrable evidence of IT compliance with internal governance policies, external regulations, and industry best practices.