Proofpoint Advanced Threat Protection

Stop threats before they reach your people and respond quickly

Prevent known and unknown threats with Advanced Threat Protection—even those that don't use malware—from reaching your people. Advanced Threat Protection provides the insight you need to stop and respond to today's advanced threats. Avoid alert fatigue with Advanced Threat Protection. Investigate, prioritize and verify the threats that matter. Respond faster to incidents by automating

Targeted Attack Protection

TAP URL Defense

  • Protection against URL-based email threats including malware-based threats and credential phishing
  • Predictive analysis that preemptively identifies and sandboxes suspicious URLs based on email traffic pattern

TAP Attachment Defense

  • Protection against known malicious documents
  • Unknown attachments are analyzed and sandboxed

TAP SaaS Defense

  • Surface suspicious log-in activity
  • Gain visibility into broad file sharing

Browser Isolation

Realize Immediate IT Cost Savings

  • Saves you money, eliminating the need for your IT team to manage uncategorized URLs
  • Protects all business and personal web browsing sessions

Leverage Advanced Web Browser Isolation Technology

  • Defends against potentially malicious URL links in personal webmail with URL isolation technology
  • Destroys user browser sessions when they are done and opens fresh browsers for every new session

Progressively Manage Personal Browsing

  • Provides near-zero security risk for your corporate assets, so there’s no need to inspect and track corporate and personal web traffic
  • Encrypts web traffic with network anonymization to protect your users’ identities

Enable Content Inspection and Security Monitoring Controls

  • Monitor what matters without violating compliance standards
  • Inspect web traffic outside of Browser Isolation safely

Email Isolation

Advanced Capabilities to Protect Your People

  • Keeps business and personal activities separate
  • Needs no registration (IP whitelist) or self-registration (email)

Web Isolation Technology

  • Never downloads source documents carrying potential payloads or malicious macros
  • Protects your users from phishing attack in personal webmail

Progressive Management of Personal Webmail

  • Near-zero security risk for corporate assets is, so there’s no need to inspect and track
  • Protects employee privacy

Content Inspection and Security Monitoring Controls

  • Monitor what really matters without violating compliance standards
  • Inspect web traffic outside of Personal Webmail Defense safely

Threat Response

Seamless Orchestration and Workflow

Forensics Collection and IOC Verification

Respond to Incidents Quicker

Emerging Threats Intelligence

Rich Threat Intelligence and Context Portal

  • Trends and timestamps of when a threat was seen and the associated category
  • Type of threat and exploit kit names when available

Actionable IP and Domain Reputation

  • Separate lists for IP addresses and domains

  • IP and domains that are classified into over 40 different categories

  • IP and domains are assigned a confidence score for each category

Easy Integration with security tools

  • Emerging Threat Intelligence is easily digested by your existing SIEM tools such as Splunk, QRadar, and ArcSight and by threat intelligence platforms