Proofpoint Email Protection

Detect and Block Both Known and Unknown Email Threats

Email is the number one threat vector—more than 90% of cyber attacks start with email. In addition to common email threats like phishing and malware, emerging business email compromise has posed a new threat to organizations. Proofpoint Email Protection catches both known and unknown threats that others miss.

Email Security and Protection

Advanced Email Filtering, Control and Visibility

Impostor Email Threat Protection

Internal Mail Defense

Email Continuity

Email Fraud Defense

Block fraudulent emails before they reach your employees, customers, and partners

Increased Email Fraud and Consumer Phishing Protection

360 Degree Email Fraud Protection

Partner with Proofpoint Professional Services

Threat Response Auto-Pull

Email Quarantine for Malicious and Unwanted Messages, After Delivery

Forward Following and Distribution List Expansion

Out-of-Band Email Management

Superior Intelligence and Visibility

Sendmail Open Source

Security and PGP Signing Keys

Security advisories are issued by The Computer Emergency Response Team

Small Business Cyber Security Solutions

Enhanced small business cyber security with spam and phishing detection

Dynamic sandboxing of URLs and attachments

In-depth visibility into threats targeting your small business

Robust filter rules engine for inbound and outbound mail