Proofpoint Premium Security Services

Premium Security Services

Provide a force multiplier to your team. Leverage best practices and industry knowledge. Optimize your systems and response to threats. Deliver on the promise of a people-centric security strategy


Technical Account Management

With Proofpoint Technical Account Manager (TAM) Programs you can optimize, integrate and maintain your Proofpoint deployment. This helps you make the most of your security investment. You get deep technical expertise, real-world insight from our vast customer base, and the best threat intelligence in the business—focused on your unique environment and business needs


Premium Threat Information Service

The Proofpoint Premium Threat Information Service provides deeper understanding of the ongoing threat landscape and your organization’s place in it, enabling you to prioritize your security decisions. With expertise on call, you gain better situational understanding and make better security decisions faster. This value is based on three components of the service: exclusive access to experts, actionable threat intelligence and advance warning for emerging threats


Managed Services for Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

Managed Proofpoint Security Awareness Training offloads the challenge of designing, running, and reporting on a security awareness training program, enabling you to focus on your primary responsibilities. Having a dedicated resource specifically focused on designing and implementing your program provides you with continuous activity and focus on cybersecurity


People-Centric Security Program

With the Proofpoint People-Centric Security Program, you can boost your people-centric security strategy. Is the program designed to be an ongoing process, where we work with you to deploy controls and assess your position in the threat landscape? We also adapt your security posture to that position and report measurable results