Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

Turn your end users into a strong last line of defense

A targeted, data-driven approach to making users resilient Today’s threat landscape is constantly evolving. Proofpoint Security Awareness Training delivers the right education to the right people. And it ensures the right response from your users when faced with sophisticated phishing attacks and more

Simulated Attacks, Knowledge Assessments, and Very Attacked People

  • Use our VAP reports to understand which of your users are being attacked and what attacks they’re being targeted with.
  • Send simulated phishing, SMS and USB attacks using thousands of templates. These are based on lures seen in tens of billions of messages a day by Proofpoint threat intelligence.

Training Modules, Videos, and Materials

  • Tailor the training modules to your organization’s needs with our self-service Customization Center. You can customize most text, images, screens and questions while ensuring its efficacy is maintained with our industry-first Learning Science Evaluator.
  • Choose from a library of interactive, video and game-based training modules localized and translated with regional references in 35+ languages.

Phishing Email Reporting, Analysis, and Remediation

Email Reporting Made Easy

  • Cut down on the back-and-forth of having users send headers and attachments of reported messages
  • Reduce the noise of reported messages with automatic and available whitelisting

Advanced Analysis Using Leading Threat Intelligence

  • Proactively identify malicious emails by using Proofpoint threat intelligence and dedicated sandboxing of URLs and attachments
  • Specify what was malicious about the reported message in the Threat Report Overview (TRO), which can be sent to admins

Automated Remediation Using Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response

  • Automate or with one click quarantine or delete malicious reported messages from all users who received it, including forwards
  • Automatically close reported cases when messages are classified as safe

Business Intelligence Reporting

Report Scheduler 

Custom Properties

Results API



Actionable Training Metrics


Email Reporting and Analysis

PhishAlarm®, our reporting button for suspicious email, is an email client add-in that integrates with MS Outlook & Gmail

Security Education Platform

Our LMS supports Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for end users, providing streamlined access to the system and their training assignments

End-User Sync

Our End-User Sync application lets administrators leverage on-premise Microsoft Active Directory and cloud-based Azure AD to automatically populate and maintain users and groups

Multinational Support

Content Available in More Than 35 Languages

Customizable content

Easy language selection

Localized content

Support for international time zones

Regional data storage and data privacy features

Multiple authentication options

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Compliance