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Business Email Compromise (BEC) has cost organizations over €12 billion since 2013, plus additional losses in lost productivity and reputational damage.

E -mail phishing attacks have tricked many individuals into sending transfers as well as sensitive customer and employee information to attackers attempting to impersonate the CEO, your boss, or a trusted associate.

Barracua Sentinel uses artificial intelligence and deep integration with Office 365 to stop these attacks before they reach your mail server.

Advantages of Barracuda Sentinel:

  • Stop email phishing attacks. Traditional email protection solutions sit before the mail server and don't see internal and historical emails. Sentinel works from within O365 and uses artificial intelligence to detect spear phishing attacks and email account hijacking.
  • Identifies and secures VIP email accounts. Sentinel uses machine learning to automatically identify the people in your organization who are most susceptible to targeted phishing attacks.
  • Protect your business from the risk of email account hijacking. Email account hijacking is a new threat, heavily targeted at business data. Sentinel detects hijacking attempts and blocks email attacks originating from compromised accounts.
  • Protect your reputation and stop domain fraud. Don't let hackers use your domain to launch email attacks. Sentinel protects your brand and reputation through a simple DMARC process and provides detailed analysis and reporting.
  • Part of a complete mail protection platform. With the Total Email Protection bundle, Sentinel combines with Barracuda Essentials and PhishLine for a complete email security, archiving, and data protection solution.