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Teramind DLP

Teramind DLP

Effective Endpoint Data Loss Prevention Solutions

The most affordable, employee monitoring solution for startups and small businesses with powerful features such as real-time activity tracking, video capture and playback, and a set of productivity optimization tools.

Effective defence against data breaches, data leaks and IP theft

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a strategy for ensuring your employees and vendors do not accidentally or intentionally share sensitive and company confidential data outside your organization. A DLP solution utilizes content discovery, digital inspection techniques and contextual analysis to identify and categorize sensitive data and IP. Next, policies and rules are created for data usage scenarios. The system then monitors user actions; validates them against the DLP rules and takes appropriate action if and when a rule condition is triggered. Actions could include stopping the action, blocking the user, alerting an administrator, requesting management override and more.

Teramind DLP: Data loss prevention, user activity monitoring and insider threats detection in a single platform

Teramind’s ‘user-centric’, endpoint Data Loss Prevention solution goes beyond traditional DLP approaches by adding intelligent behavioural analysis to identify human factors like malicious intent, errors or accidents allowing you to implement effective protection against data breaches and other exfiltration attempts. Teramind DLP provides the best return of investment for organizations of any size. It’s designed to assist SMBs, enterprises and the public sector address data loss, cybersecurity and insider threats. Additionally, Teramind’s compliance management features help you conform with compliance regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

Teramind DLP Features:

Risk management

Identify high risk users, policies and system objects on the dedicated Risk Dashboard. Sophisticated risk scoring helps identify and focus on high risk areas.

Fingerprinting and tagging

Teramind’s powerful fingerprinting and tagging features identify important documents and files and then monitors their usage so that you can keep track of your data even when modified or transferred.

Clipboard monitoring

Teramind’s Clipboard Monitoring and Interception feature allows you to protect sensitive data from being shared through the clipboard copy/paste operations.

Advanced OCR

‘On the fly’ content discovery with advanced OCR, natural language processing (NLP) and RegEx. Detect sensitive data inside images, applications and even videos preventing steganographic data exfiltration.

Content discovery and classification

Discover and identify sensitive information from structured and unstructured sources. Built-in classification templates for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), Personal Financial Information (PFI) etc.

Compliance Management

Teramind UAM can be used to create activity and schedule based rules to support several common compliance requirements like: implementing audit trails (GDPR), limiting unauthorized login (ISO 27001), prevent unencrypted file transfers (PCI DSS), reporting, and more.

Insider threat detection

Intelligent user behavioral analysis combined with session recording & playback, real-time alerts, immutable logs etc. help identify insider threats before they become critical issues.

User activity monitoring

Monitors all user activity including third-party vendors and privileged users for 12+ system objects like: website, application, keystroke, IM, email, network etc

Powerful policy and rules engine:

Teramind comes with hundreds of pre-built rules, templates and data categories. Create your own rules with an intuitive, visual Policy & Rules editor.